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Stinger EQ

Stinger EQ : Classic Stingray 2-band Active Tone Circuit

This circuit is based on the classic 2-band EQ circuit fitted to the original pre-Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray basses. It is powered by a 9V battery (not supplied) and all components you need are wired up and ready to go. Just connect your pickup and you are away.

The controls are Volume, Treble cut/boost and Bass boost as per the original. All pots are pre-wired as is the jack socket which also acts as a switch to turn the pre-amp off when no cable is connected - just like the original.

POST UK £5,EU £10,US £15

The circuit itself measures just 20mm x 48mm and all pots are full size and good quailty. Precise cut and boost figures are hard to specify for this pre-amp. As many of you will know it is suspected that Leo Fender chose to produce a pre-amp which gave a distinctive tone rather than smooth cut and boost curves. This circuit was produced to precisely reproduce that classic Stingray tone and I am certain you will not be disappointed with it!

I have attached the circuit diagram for the pre-amp so if you want to build one yourself you can do so, however, I suspect you'll find it quicker and easier to buy one from me! I have fitted this circuit into several of my basses and the tone is fabulous. You can dial up a huge range of sounds with real fat bottom end and whip-cracking treble. The biggest surprise to me was how well it worked on my fretless which now really sings.

To install the circuit simply connect the Black wire from the Stinger to the earth connection from your pickup, then the Red wire from the Stinger to the hot (+ve) connection from your pickup, then conect the earth wire from your bridge to the earth on the jack socket.  Please note: the control pots used are very specific, non-standard values. You cannot connect the existing pots from your bass to this circuit and expect it to function correctly. Use the pots supplied, that's why they are there!

If you have any questions then please ask.

Here are some clips of the Stinger installed in a Retrovibe EVO bass. With special thanks to Richard Jones.