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The Retrovibe T-ROD bass is my homage to the early Fender Telecaster and Precision style basses of the 1950s.

All the usual features with a high-gloss vintage tint maple neck.

Retrovibe T-ROD Specification

Body:                   Basswood

Controls:           1 x Volume, 1 x Tone

Bridge:               High Mass, heavy duty, chrome finish

Pickups:            1x split coil

Neck:                 Maple, bolt-on construction, vintage tint with high gloss finish

Fretboard:         Maple

Frets:                 20

Body thickness: 42mm

Scale length:         864mm (34 inches)

Width at nut:      42mm

Markers:            Dots

Tuners:              Open type, chrome

Strings space:   19mm at bridge

Weight:              Approx 4.2kg, 9.3lbs

You will not be disappointed.

T-ROD Black Bass


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