Retrovibe® SlimJim® II Replacement Treble Surround for Rickenbacker® or Chickenbacker


Direct replacement Retrovibe® SlimJim® II surround for Rickenbacker® and Chickenbacker basses.

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Specially designed as a direct replacement for standard Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 bass guitars or as an upgrade for Chickenbacker basses the SlimJim® II, low-profile surround is made of mirror polished stainless steel and will allow you to re-use your existing pickup and caddy. At under 4mm high the SlimJim® II lets you keep that classic look without the obstruction of a raised metal surround.

The kit is supplied with the four small screws needed to fit directly onto your Rickenbacker without the need to drill any holes. Fitment to non-Rickenbacker models may require holes to be drilled or the pickup cavity to be enlarged.

The size and shape of the stainless surround is identical to that of a standard Rickenbacker surround so you can easily switch without having to alter your bass or drill additional holes.

Compatible with all Retrovibe, Rickenbacker and most Chickenbacker treble pickups which have the pickup mounted on a sled/caddy.

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