Retrovibe GR01 Gripper Bass prototype 32″ scale – Amber Trans – Maple Neck – One Off



Retrovibe Gripper Medium Scale Bass PROTOTYPE – Amber

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This bass is a one-off, 32″ scale bass inspired by the Gibson Grabber and Ripper models. It was essentially my first attempt (a few years ago) at cutting and hand-finishing a body. Consequently it is FAR from perfect in either cut or finish but it was much to good to scrap so I finally got round to building it into the 32″ bass I had intended. Please study the gallery photos for details of the overall finish of the body.

All hardware, electronics etc are brand new apart from the body. The bass has good quality tuners and a BB404 high-mass bridge which are all brand new. I’ve fitted a pair of my Lemmy humbucker pickups which have individual volume and overall tone control with standard treble roll-off courtesy of an Orange drop cap. The pickups give it a really nice bite and tone wise I feel it’s like an aggressive Rick.

It weighs in at around 7.4lbs. and has no neck-dive whatsoever.

It really is a one-off, for now!


Body: Spruce (yes, I know)
Body Colour: Trans Amber nitro
Controls: 2 x Volume, 1 x Tone
Bridge: 4-string, high-mass, chrome
Pickups: Retrovibe Lemmy humbuckers
Neck: Maple, bolt-on construction
Fretboard: Maple with dots
Frets: 20
Scale length: 32 inches
Width at nut: 42mm
String spacing at bridge: 19mm

Weight: Approx. 7.4lbs

Please note: I am not a factory, I am one man making and assembling unique parts and basses in my small workshop in Somerset. As such, some of my parts and guitars may have minor construction/tooling marks or scratches as well as the odd fingerprint etc. These are all a result of my artisan processes and although I try to keep such things to a minimum, they can sometimes creep in. If you are not happy with that then you may want to look elsewhere for alternatives. Also, I do my best to use recycled packaging whenever possible so sometimes the packaging may look “unconventional”. Please be assured that it will be completely up to the job of protecting your purchase and that it goes some way to reducing the cost and carbon footprint of my products. Thank you!



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