Retrovibe Replacement Rickenbacker® Style Treble Pickup and Chrome Surround


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Specially designed as a direct replacement for standard Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 bass guitars this pickup and surround will fit directly onto your Rick without the need to drill any holes. Fitment to non-Rickenbacker models may require holes to be drilled or the pickup cavity to be enlarged.

The chrome parts are chromed plastic and precise replicas of the actual RIC surrounds.

The pickup is my own design single coil which is very similar in tone and performance to the original. The 8.4k version is a very close replacement sonically for the original, while the 12k version has a slightly hotter signal with slightly higher mids.

Technical Specification

DC Resistance: 8.4k or 12k

Inductance: 4.20 H

Impedance: 16.02 k Ohm

Additional information

Pickup DC resistance

8.4k, 12k


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