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Retrovibe® T-BOSS Tele Bass Pickup Neck or Bridge


Retrovibe T-BOSS Telebass pickups

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Specially designed for Telebass builds these new T-BOSS pickups are the ideal way to get great bass tones in a familiar styling package.

The neck pickup is one of my 9K Route ’51, 4-pole, Alnico coils fitted into a custom chromed metal casing. This gives a better, more bass-appropriate string coverage while still retaining the classic tele neck pickup look. In fact this pickup is the same form factor as a standard Strat pickup so you can either make a suitable pick guard or modify your existing one. Please note: this pickup will not fit into the standard tele neck pickup opening.

The bridge pickup has 4 oversize Alnico poles angled to line up with strings fitted on a bridge with 18mm spacing but it will work very well with 19mm spacing too. Mounted with the traditional 3 tele screws into a custom made stainless steel surround this 6.7K pickup gives fabulous tones across the whole range. The surround is also designed to cover any existing bridge mount holes in your tele body, giving a nice clean look. This pickup is larger than a standard tele bridge pickup so you will need to enlarge the body route to accommodate it.

They sound great!

Available as a set or individually.

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