Retrovibe T30 Telecaster Bass 30.6″ short scale Trans Green – Gorgeous!



Retrovibe T30 Short Scale Telecaster Bass in Trans Green

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This T30 bass is short scale and based on a combination of Telecaster and early Precision basses.
The body I used for this model was new

The bolt-on maple neck has a vintage tint and has been shimmed slightly to fit the telecaster neck pocket.
It is equipped with my Ultralite tuners (it has little or no neck dive) and 18mm bridge and has traditional Telecaster pickups, VT controls with a 3-way pickup selector giving a great range of tones.
It weighs in at around 8.6lbs, which means you can play for longer without tiring. Little or no neck dive with a textured strap but shiny nylon straps are not recommended.

It currently has a very low action which can easily be raised according to your taste. Strung with a brand new set of stainless Rotosound RB45 strings. (45, 65, 85, 105)

It sounds like the love-child of a Precision and a Jazz with the standard guitar pickups fitted. They give a surprisingly wide tonal range, making it a very useable bass.

All the parts need to convert your own Telecaster 6-string into a short scale bass are available here on my site.

Body: Basswood
Body Colour: Transparent Green
Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone, Tone, 3-way selector
Bridge: Retrovibe 18mm 4-string P-style
Pickups: Standard Telecaster
Neck: Maple, bolt-on construction
Fretboard: Maple
Frets: 22
Body thickness:40mm
Scale length: 777mm (30.6 inches)
Width at nut: 38mm
Markers: Black dot
Tuners: Closed type
Weight: Approx. 8.6lbs


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