Retrovibe P30 Slab Precision Bass 30.6″ short scale Yellow Limited Edition of 8


Build time 2-3 weeks

Retrovibe P30 Short Scale Slab-P Bass in Yellow 1 of 8

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This yellow P30 bass is short scale and based on early Precision basses. I have only 8 of these bodies so this will be a limited edition run. When they are gone, they are gone! 

The body I used for this model was brand new, as are all the conversion parts I have fitted. Please see the photos.

The slab-edged body has been scaled to match my standard 30.6″  maple neck and the bass is well-balanced, comfortable and lightweight at around 7.8lb.

My only slight caveat on the body is that the outline and edges of the neck pocket are a little “wonky” with some small chips to the otherwise excellent finish. This was a minor error in production and can be seen in the photos. It in no way affects the overall look and playability of the bass but I always like to mention things like this up front.

It comes with a black, single-ply pickguard which I can leave un-screwed on request; I know some people like these without pickguards, just let me know when you order.

It is equipped with my Ultralite tuners and my 18mm bridge (converted from Wilkinson parts) and has a Retrovibe Route ’51 Cream 9K single coil pickup. The pots are full size 250K with a tapered treble roll off via a 0.047u orange drop capacitor.  

It currently has a nice low action which can easily be raised according to your taste. Strung with a brand new set of GHS Precision Flats strings. (45, 60, 75, 95)

It sounds like what it is, a short scale, ’50s-style Precision and the 9K pickup gives it a surprisingly wide tonal range, making it a very useable bass.

Body: Basswood
Body Colour: Yellow (not Butterscotch!)
Controls: Volume, Tone
Bridge: Retrovibe 18mm 4-string P-style
Pickups: Retrovibe Route ’51 Cream 9K single coil
Neck: Maple, bolt-on construction
Fretboard: Maple
Frets: 20
Body thickness:40mm
Scale length: 777mm (30.6 inches)
Width at nut: 38mm
Markers: Black dot
Tuners: Closed type
Weight: Approx. 7.8lbs


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