Retrovibe 5-string Rickenbacker® HiGain® Style Neck Pickup 8.2K or 12K


Retrovibe 5-string bass pickup.

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Specially made to give a great sound with a true vintage look. They have pole pieces which do not protrude out of the back of the pickup which means they will fit easily in smaller cavities and are also suitable for surface mounting.

Perfect for your bass project!

The coil is available with a DC resistance of either 8.2 K or 12 K.

Pole spacing is 13.125mm centre to centre so it would be best used on a short or medium scale build with a bridge string spacing of around 16-17mm.

The outer casing measures 90mm x 37.6mm.
Inner pickup casing measures 72mm x 28.5mm.
The pickup is approximately 18mm deep in total.

Supplied with mounting screws and springs for pickguard mounting.

The pickup is suitable for surface mounting with a suitable backing ring or within a pickguard and will work well in the bridge or neck position on a bass.

Delivery will be by First Class mail and I always aim to post as soon as possible after payment has been received.

Thank you for your interest and do drop me a line if you have any questions.

Additional information

DC Resistance

8.2K, 12K


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