Retrovibe R32 Lefty “Telenbacker” Bass 32″ medium scale – Black Body – Maple Neck


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Retrovibe Lefty R32 Medium Scale Telenbacker Bass – Black/Maple

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The lefty R32 bass is medium scale and based on a combination of Telecaster and Rickenbacker basses.
The bolt-on maple neck has a natural satin finish and has been carved on the back of the heel area to fit the telecaster neck pocket. I build this model from a donor lefty Tele body which comes with a pick guard already installed which means that there are a few screw holes which are not covered by the R32 hardware.These have been filled and covered and are only noticeable on close inspection.
It is equipped with my HyGane single coil pickups with adjustable pole pieces and has traditional Rickenbacker VVTT controls with a 3-way pickup selector giving a great range of tones. The treble tone pot also has a push/pull function for a high-pass vintage tone cap.

It weighs in at around 8lbs, which means you can play for longer without tiring.

It sounds like the love-child of a Precision and a 4001/3 with a focused low/mid and plenty of clang available should you need it. Seriously folks, these are SUCH fun to play!


Body: Basswood
Body Colour: Gloss Black
Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone, Tone+push/pull vintage cap, 3-way selector
Bridge: 4-string lockable, high-mass, chrome
Pickups: Retrovibe HyGane
Neck: Maple, bolt-on construction
Frets: 20
Body thickness:42mm
Scale length: 813mm (32 inches)
Width at nut: 42mm
Markers: Black dot
Tuners: Closed type
Weight: Approx. 8lbs

Please note: I am not a factory, I am one man making and assembling unique parts and basses in my small workshop in Somerset. As such, some of my parts and guitars may have minor construction/tooling marks or scratches as well as the odd fingerprint etc. These are all a result of my artisan processes and although I try to keep such things to a minimum, they can sometimes creep in. If you are not happy with that then you may want to look elsewhere for alternatives. Also, I do my best to use recycled packaging whenever possible so sometimes the packaging may look “unconventional”. Please be assured that it will be completely up to the job of protecting your purchase and that it goes some way to reducing the cost and carbon footprint of my products. Thank you!



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