Retrovibe® Replacement Rickenbacker® Style HOT Treble Pickup and SlimJim® Surround


Direct replacement Retrovibe pickup for Rickenbacker and Chickenbacker basses.

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Specially designed as a direct replacement for standard Rickenbacker® 4001/4003 bass guitars this pickup and surround will fit directly onto your Rick without the need to drill any holes. Mounting screws are included. Fitment to non-Rickenbacker models may require holes to be drilled or the pickup cavity to be enlarged.

The single coil Retrovibe® HiGain pickup is slightly overwound at either 8.4K or 12K. It has hex-adjustable pole pieces and spacing of 52.4mm c-to-c. The hot winding plus stronger magnets make this pickup hotter than standard with an increase to the high mids without any loss of highs or lows.

Technical Specification

DC Resistance: 8.4 or 12 K Ohm

Additional information


8.4K, 12K


With cover, Without cover


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