Retrovibe TT40 TT50 Bass 34″ scale – 3-tone burst – Maple Neck – Peavey T40 style


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Retrovibe TT40 and TT50 basses

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This bass is a nod and a half to the Peavey T40 basses which were produced in the 1970s. It is a full-scale (34″) model in which I have tried to incorporate as many of the original Peavey T40 features as possible.

These include:

  • Original T40 wiring with individual volume and tone controls, 3-way pickup selector, phase inverter switch for bridge pickup and single/series/treble roll-off on each tone control
  • Thru body stringing (can also be top loaded)
  • Two 12k, coil-tapped humbucker pickups
  • High mass bridge 

The Peavey T40 was renowned for its tonal versatility which came courtesy of some very clever passive wiring. I have faithfully replicated the functionality of this circuit in the Retrovibe TT40. There are charts on there internet which show how to dial-in almost any bass tone on the Peavey T40 and while I cannot say I necessary agree with all the descriptions I can testify that the variety of tones available on the Retrovibe TT40 should certainly cover most uses.

All hardware, electronics etc are brand new. 

It weighs in at around 9.2lbs. 

I can also build a 5-string version to this spec. which would obviously be a little heavier but still have all the same features. 

Body: Basswood
Body Colour: 3 Tone Sunburst
Controls: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone (with single/series/roll-off), 3-way pickup selector, phase switch for bridge pickup
Bridge: 4-string, high-mass, chrome BB404
Pickups: Retrovibe MM-style Alnico 12k (6k+6K)
Neck: Maple, bolt-on construction, D-profile
Fretboard: Maple with dots
Frets: 21
Scale length: 34 inches
Width at nut: 42mm
String spacing at bridge: 19mm

Weight: Approx. 9.2lbs

Please note: I am not a factory, I am one man making and assembling unique parts and basses in my small workshop in Somerset. As such, some of my parts and guitars may have minor construction/tooling marks or scratches as well as the odd fingerprint etc. These are all a result of my artisan processes and although I try to keep such things to a minimum, they can sometimes creep in. If you are not happy with that then you may want to look elsewhere for alternatives. Also, I do my best to use recycled packaging whenever possible so sometimes the packaging may look “unconventional”. Please be assured that it will be completely up to the job of protecting your purchase and that it goes some way to reducing the cost and carbon footprint of my products. Thank you!


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4-string, 5-string


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